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When visitors ask for an audio tour, they ask for "an Acoustiguide." And that's because Acoustiguide has set the standard for audio and multimedia guides... ever since 1957 when the company was founded, Acoustiguide has led the way in innovative technology, creative content and operations management. We are one of the world's first providers of interpretive services.

Above all, we always guarantee our clients a personalized service tailored to their individual needs and wishes. We work hand-in-hand with the client to develop a tour that both tickles the imagination and satisfies the intellect.


Acoustiguide offers three services

  • We provide creative and production services. Acoustiguide's award-winning creative teams of writers, producers and editors are individually selected to fulfill each project's creative concept. From script-writing to the final sound edit, our process ensures engaging content and client satisfaction.
  • We offer the widest range of distribution technologies in the business. Debuting in fall 2007, Acoustiguide introduced its most sophisticated product to date: the Opus Series, a new generation of digital players featuring audio, image and video capabilities.
  • Acoustiguide developed Opus to facilitate multimedia tours, but we offer state-of-the-art technological solutions to suit every need, including traditional audio guides, web-based audio and mobile phone tours.
  • We offer comprehensive on-site management. Acoustiguide has pioneered every model for managing and marketing audio tours on-site. We offer multiple options to staff and train sites. Our operations Managers supervise the delivery, installation and maintenance of equipment.


The history of Acoustiguide is, quite simply, the history of the audio guide


It began in 1957, with Acoustiguide's tour of Hyde Park, the home of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Narrated by his widow, Eleanor Roosevelt, the tour took visitors through the estate's public and private spaces, regaling them with stories of the dignitaries who visited as well as daily life as it was once lived there. The tour was available to visitors on the then state-of-the-art portable reel-to-reel player.


With that simple match - the right voice with the right technology - Acoustiguide launched a service that is ubiquitous today at museums and heritage sites around the world.


In subsequent decades, Acoustiguide tours became an integral part of museum education, reaching widespread audiences in the 1980s with the new 'blockbuster' exhibitions. Encouraged by the demand for our services, we opened companies across Europe and Asia, becoming one of the first American companies to open in mainland China, at Beijing's Forbidden City. Visitors worldwide could now enjoy our signature blend of education and entertainment.


Acoustiguide's innovations in creative content developed in step with our advances in handheld audio delivery systems. In 1993 we revolutionized the medium, with the introduction of the world's first digital wand player at the Louvre, in Paris. It allowed 'random access' tours for the first time. No longer did listeners have to follow a linear tour along a predetermined route. Now they could pick and choose the objects they wanted to learn about, and go at their own pace.


Inspired by the new technology, Acoustiguide's creative teams re-imagined the creative possibilities for audio tours. What were once fully, scripted, format "tours" evolved into programs with a more accessible approach, featuring unscripted interviews with curators, artists and other experts. Acoustiguide also led the way in producing content for broader audiences, with specialized productions for families and children, foreign language tours, and tours for the visually impaired.


In 2005, Acoustiguide merged with Espro Information Technologies. The combined entity has 12 offices and a network of distributors around the world from New York to Sydney and from Rio de Janeiro to St. Petersburg.


Today Acoustiguide offers digital audio and multimedia interpretation to visitors via a variety of platforms - including cell phones, multimedia players, and the internet - as well as proprietary hardware and software solutions designed and manufactured specifically for the market. After 50 years, we continue to innovate and remain poised to bring our award-winning interpretive content to an ever more sophisticated generation of audiences.